Brooks, Chris

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Roll-off Composer and Arranger

Works for Percussion

A Few Good Men - Percussion Septet
Beyond the Stars - Marching Percussion
Can't Stop M'Leg - Marching Percussion
CANtastik - Marching Percussion
Concerto for Vibraphone and Orchestra - Vibraphone, Orchestra
Excalibur - Marching Percussion
Groove Machine - Marching Percussion
Groovesicles! - Marching Percussion
Ivory Passage - Marching Percussion
Jamaican Holiday - Marching Percussion
Let the Big Dawg Eat - Percussion Quintet
Mambo Schmambo - Percussion Sextet
March of the Emperor - Percussion Ensemble (10)
Men At Work - Percussion Septet
Millennium - Percussion Ensemble (12)
Mozambique - Percussion Ensemble (10)
Puttin' Out the Cat - Percussion Quintet
Rapid Transit - Percussion Ensemble (12)
Ritual of the Tribe - Percussion Ensemble (11)
Shongaloo Ramble - Percussion Ensemble (9), Percussion Nonet
Siesta - Marching Percussion
Space Mambo - Marching Percussion
Stick Schtick - Percussion Octet
The Evening News - Percussion Ensemble (10)
Valley of Nepal - Percussion Ensemble (14)
Will William Tell? - Marching Percussion