Weitzel, Arend

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Arend Weitzel


Born: 1968

Country: Germany

Studies: Stuttgart, Hanover


Website: https://www.solopauke.de

Ever since he was allowed to play the timpani in the school orchestra for the first time, Arend Weitzel has been constantly trying to find out how playing the timpani actually works in detail. And with the intention of refining and expanding the possibilities and facets of musical expression in timpani. His studies at the music academies in Stuttgart and Hanover, as well as in the orchestra academy of the Berlin Philharmonic, gave him some clues in this regard. Since 1995, however, the most important school for him has been his everyday work as a solo drummer in the Bochum Symphony Orchestra. Unforeseen difficulties or challenges are always an important impetus for Arend Weitzel to make further progress in personal development.

A side effect of this constant research is the publication of a large number of methodical works for the timpani, which have made him internationally known. Some of these works are widely regarded as standard methodological literature for this instrument. He is also very active as a teacher and lecturer at home and abroad. So far, workshops and lectures have taken him to Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, the Czech Republic, Denmark and China.

For several years, Arend Weitzel's second great musical passion has been the French horn. He was particularly taken with the (very) low register of this instrument.[1]

Books for Percussion

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Weitzel, Arend. Klang und Artikulation - Grundlegende Bewegungslehre für das Paukenspiel.
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Works for Percussion

7 Aphorismen für 2 Pauker - Percussion Duo; Timpani Duet
9 Variationen über ein Thema von Edgar Varèse - für kleine Trommel solo - Snare Drum
10 Etüden für Becken - Cymbals
Die Glocken - Konzertetüde für 5 Pauken - Timpani
Etüde für kleine Trommel - Snare Drum
Helmut Bornefeld - TYMPANON - 7 Szenen für Pauke - Percussion Duo; Timpani Duet
Johann Carl Christian Fischer - Symphonie mit 8 obligaten Pauken - eingerichtet für Klavier und Pauken von Gerhard Weitzel - Timpani, Piano
Kata - große Etüde für 4 Pauken - Timpani
Männer mit Zukunft gestalten Metall - Meditation für eine Pauke - Timpani
Ragoût en timbales pour Roi Ubu - Sinfonische Collage nach B.A.Z. - Timpani


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