Pearcey, Lorne

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Country: United Kingdom

Studies: Middlesex Polytechnic (Bachelor of Arts) & The Open University (Master of Arts)


Position: Examiner of Trinity College London & National Leader of Governance of UK Department for Education


Books for Percussion

Introducing Percussion - with Mark Aldous & Peter Evans
Team Percussion - with Richard Duckett

Works for Percussion

Snare Drum Study

Grade 1: Backyard Beat
Grade 2: Woody's Waltz
Grade 3: Rhythm & Roll
Grade 4: Sticks for Six
Grade 5: Twos & Three
Grade 6: Diddle Dance
Grade 7: Five and Counting
Grade 8: Nimble & Neat

Timpani Study

Grade 1: Big and Bold
Grade 2: Build It
Grade 3: Regal March
Grade 4: Penguin Waddle
Grade 5: Time Crusade
Grade 6: Ruthenium Rumba
Grade 7: Avalanche
Grade 8: Tortilla Rhapsody