Morleo, Luigi

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Composer Name


Born: 16th November 1970

Country: Italy




Luigi Morleo is an Italian percussionist and composer of contemporary music, who lives in Bari and teaches at the Niccolò Piccinni Conservatory. He uses varied musical and artistic styles like minimalism, rock-cross-over, folk-Pop, jazz, electronica and DJ. Many of his works have been played by the Maracaibo Symphony Orchestra-Venezuela, Rome and the Lazio Orchestra-ITALY, Clermont-Ferrand Conservatoire Orchestre-France, Denver Young Artists Orchestra-USA, Orchestra Sinfonica Metropolitana di Bari-ITALY, Orchestra del Conservatorio di Monopoli-ITALY, Orchestra Sinfonica di Lecce e del Salento-ITALY, Halleiner KammerOrchester-Austria, Orchestra Filarmonica della Calabria-ITALY, at PASIC (Percussive Arts Society) in Nashville-USA, Federation Bells of Melbourne-Australia, and at the New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival-USA and Festival MUSLAB from Mexico, Jasmin Vardimon Company from Ashford-UK, Percussion Ensemble from Academy of Music STANISLAW MONIUSZKO in Gdansk-Poland, Japanese Arts Network. His son Mattia Vlad Morleo is also a musician and compositor.

Books for Percussion by this Author

120 Progressive Four-Mallet Studies for Marimba
60 Advanced Studies for Marimba

Works for Percussion


Klimt Fantasy - Percussion Solo
Nessun Popolo Oppresso 1 - Marimba Solo
Nessun Popolo Oppresso 9 - Vibraphone Solo
Nesson Popolo Oppersso 10 - Timpani Solo
Quattro Stornelli Per I Popoli - Snare Drum Solo


For Shegué 7 - Timpani & Orchestra
Art No War 10 - Percussion Octet & Orchestra
Nessun Popolo Oppresso 2 - Percussion and Orchestra
On Western Terror 1 -
On Western Terror 8 - Taiko Ensemble, Percussion & Orchestra
Suoni E Rumore Per I Popoli - Percussion & Orchestra


Mucha Concert - Drumset & Percussion Ensemble
For Shegué 4 - Percussion Solo & Percussion Ensemble
No Limit - Percussion Quartet
Suite Lounge - Percussion Quartet
Solo per I Popoli II - Marimba & Percussion Duo
Trio fur Die Kinder Der Welt - Percussion Trio
Trileonson - Percussion Ensemble