Michiko Noguchi

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Michiko Noguchi began learning piano at the age of 4 and marimba at the age of 12. Michiko Noguchi studyed marimba under Noriko Inoue and Michiko Takahashi. Michiko Noguchi graduated from Musashino College of Music and performed at a newcomer concert at the imperial palace Momoka Rakudo as the best student. Since Michiko Noguchi was a student, Michiko Noguchi has appeared as a keyboard percussionist in several professional orchestras in Tokyo. While in graduate school, Michiko Noguchi participated in European performances of the agency for cultural affairs-funded Japanese music group and performed in Greece, Italy, Spain, the former Yugoslavia (now Bosnia and Herzegovina, the republic of Serbia, Slovenia) Luxembourg and France. In 2009, Michiko Noguchi formed "Marimba-Duo" with Mr. Takeo Sasaki.


  • " Chared" (Victor VICC-139) Tokyo Marimba Trio (Victor)
  • "The Enka" Tokyo Marimba Trio (Colombia)
  • "Riverdance" The "Marimba-Duo" HERICON RECORDS ,LTD (U.S.A)
  • "Tempest" The "Marimba-Duo" HERICON RECORDS, LTD (U.S.A)
  • "Back to Bach"
  • The "Marimba-Duo" & Makoto Nakakura, Barley Nakata et al. (ALM)


  • "Marimba Partner" Series (8 volumes)
  • "Marimba Primary"
  • "Joyful Melody" Series (2 volumes)
  • "Marimba Duo" series (2 volumes in total)
  • "River Dance" Marimba Duo
  • "Marimba Fe baritz" Series (3 volumes with performance CD)
  • "Violin Partner" series (7 volumes in total)
  • "Flute Partner" series (7 volumes in total)
  • "Marimba Ensemble" (2008) (2 volumes)
  • "Marimba on Bach"
  • "River Dance" Marimba Duo + Percussion