Latin Percussion in Perspective

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Dom Moio

General Info

Year: 1997
Edition: c. 1st Edition
Publisher: Mel Bay
Cost: Book Cost - $5.98   |   Supplemental Books - $0.00



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Student Reviews

Organization: The contents of the attached CD are listed on the first page, suggesting this book is meant to be played along with the CD. A dedication follows, as well as the table of contents, listing different types of Latin styles and grooves, followed by interpretive Latin phrases and chart examples. Notation for conga drums and timbales precedes the first section of Latin styles. On the last page, acknowledgements are found.

Contents: With most of the information seeming to be found on the CD, it is hard to say how crucial the disc is to the use of this book but going off how the book appears throughout its chapters, I would say that the CD makes up for at least half of what the book provides. Each style listed on the CD is within a minute long, but there is an introduction included, as well as varying instrumentation of each style and additional ending grooves and special thanks not found in the book. The contents of the book are interesting as each page contains another blank page with staff lines, suggesting the reader must write in their own rhythms or patterns, but it is not known if that is the case since there are no instructions or descriptions in the book.

Uses: I would say this book could either be used to play along with to familiarize yourself with the various styles and patterns or as a reference to see what each style looks like or how it sounds. High school players may not use as much information from this book as college-level players as it is less likely that a high school would have a Latin ensemble set-up for their music than a college ensemble. In the event a high school section is required to play a rhythm out of this book and requires varying instrumentation, this book would be useful.

Rating: Due to its apparent dependence on the CD, it is hard to find much unique value in this book without the CD or at least without listening through it. It is also unknown what purpose the blank pages have or what the intention is with this book, as the author does not provide much “perspective” on this book which is supposed to go over exactly that. 2/5. User:Hondogracias


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Moio, Dom. Latin Percussion in Perspective. Pacific, MO.: Mel Bay Publications, 1997.

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