Fink, Siegfried

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Siegfried Fink


Born: 1928

Died: May 3, 2006

Country: Zerbst/Anhalt, Germany

Studies: Conservatoire, Weimar

Teachers: Helmut Riethmüller, Alfred Wagner

Mention: Inducted into the Percussive Arts Society (2003) PAS Hall of Fame[1]

Siegfried Fink (born February 8, 1928 in Zerbst/Germany, died May 3, 2006 in Würzburg/Germany) was a German percussionist, composer and professor. He is recognized as an important figure in the development of the professional percussion scene in Germany after World War II.

From 1948 to 1951, Fink studied timpanis and percussion in the class of Alfred Wagner at the University of Music in Weimar (Germany). He also studied composition in the class of Helmut Riethmüller at the same institution. After several orchestral and teaching positions in Weimar, Magdeburg, Lübeck and Hannover, he attained a permanent teaching position for timpanis and percussion at the Hochschule für Musik Würzburg. In the year 1974, he was promoted to a full professor and became head of the renowned Studio für Perkussion in Würzburg. He held this position until his retirement in the year 1993.

Under the guidance of Fink, the Studio für Perkussion in Würzburg became one of the world's most renowned schools for percussion. He educated more than 100 students and developed new teaching methods and new ways of playing percussion instruments, especially concerning contemporary art music. In the professional German percussion scene, Fink was known as Der Percussion-Papst (The pope of percussion).

For his achievements in art music and teaching, he has been awarded the Bundesverdienstkreuz (Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany), received several art prizes and was honoured with doctorates of the Universities for Music of Sofia and Barcelona. For his life work in teaching he received the Lifetime Achievement in Education Award from the Percussive Arts Society of the US.

His artistic and creative work is documented in more than 20 disc recordings (mostly LP). Fink also conducted several percussion groups. He founded numerous percussion editions in cooperation with several European publishers. Under his guidance the first curriculum for teaching percussion instruments in German music schools has been developed.

Fink composed more than 160 pieces of music intended both for study and performance purposes. His music comprises solo works as well as chamber music, ballet music and movie scores. Many of his students received prizes at international competitions and became internationally known percussionists.[2]

Books for Percussion

Fink, Siegfried. I Like Percussion. Zimmerman
Fink, Siegfried; Tschaikowsky. Orchesterstudien. Hofmeister
Fink, Siegfried; Dvorak. Orchesterstudien, Anton Dvorßk Vol 2
Fink, Siegfried. Rhythmus - Schule, Vol. 2. Zimmermann

Works for Percussion Wechsel des Entfaltens und Verschließenstle - Multiple Percussion; Organ
4 Encores Papillon Nr. 1-4 - Vibraphone
Allegretto (Fink) - Timpani
Allegro Vivace (Fink) - Timpani
Alternation: Scenes and Variations - Multiple Percussion
Batu Ferringhi - Marimba
Beat the Beat - Drumset
Cadenza - Snare Drum (Fink) - Snare Drum
Cadenza - Timpani (Fink) - Timpani
Concertino für Vibrafon und Klavier - Vibraphone; Piano
Concertino für Vibrafon und Streichorchester - Vibraphone; Orchestra
Conga Negro (Solo) - Multiple Percussion - Hand Drum
Conversations for Tape and Percussion - Multiple Percussion; With Tape
Courante (Fink) - Snare Drum
Cymbalism - Drumset
Dance (Fink) - Drumset
Darabukka Suite - Multiple Percussion - Hand Drum
Dialoge für Gitarre und Percussionsklange - Multiple Percussion; Guitar; (Graphic Notation)
Divertimento (Fink) - Timpani
Drum-Set-Suite - Drumset
Duo Concertante (Fink) - Vibraphone; Guitar
Ecossaise - Snare Drum
Episode (Fink) - Timpani
Etudes de Lux - Marimba
Etudes in Jazz for Percussion Solo - Multiple Percussion
Foote Steps - Drumset
Frame Work - Drumset
Friska - Snare Drum
Gaillarde (Fink) - Snare Drum
Game for Two - Multiple Percussion; Accordion
Gigue (Fink) - Snare Drum
Horeb - Multiple Percussion
Impression (Fink) - Timpani
Impression Nr.1 für Flote und Vibrafon - Vibraphone; Flute
Improvisation und Umkehrung - Vibraphone
Intern. Soli: Pauken - Timpani
Jasmin I/II (Two Chinese Impressions) - Multiple Percussion
Jobe's Tune - Drumset
Jongo - Snare Drum
Junior's Beat - Drumset
Junior's Speed - Drumset
Junior's Time - Drumset
Konzert für Percussion und Streichorchester - Multiple Percussion; Strings
la valse des timbales - Timpani
Ludi a Timpano - Timpani
Machine-Drums - Drumset
Marcia - Snare Drum
Marsch - Timpani
Motion-Pictures - Multiple Percussion; With Tape
Motion-Pictures I & II - Percussion Duo; With Tape
Musical Etudes for the Advanced Timpanist - Timpani
Pa Lux - Snare Drum
Pauken-Suite - Timpani
Percussio Antiqua - Multiple Percussion
Percussion Improvisation - Multiple Percussion; With Tape
Recitativ (Fink) - Timpani
Reflektionen - Multiple Percussion; Guitar; Accordion
Rockin' Timpani - Timpani
Rondell 1 - Multiple Percussion
Rondino - Snare Drum (Fink) - Snare Drum
Rondino - Timpani (Fink) - Timpani
Rondo (Fink) - Timpani
Rotation (Fink) - Multiple Percussion; Clarinet
Salut de Geneve - Snare Drum
Salut de Serdika - Multiple Percussion
Salut de Sofia - Multiple Percussion
Scherzo (Fink) - Timpani
Serenade In Percussione - Percussion Trio; Clarinet; Bass
Seven Pieces for Marimba - Marimba
Sight Reading and Audition Etudes - Snare Drum
Signature - Drumset
silent...vibration - Multiple Percussion
Sixteen (XVI) Etudes - Multiple Percussion
Solobuch für Drum-Set - Drumset
Solobuch für Kleine Trommel - Snare Drum
Solobuch für Pauken, 1 - Timpani
Solobuch für Pauken, 2 - Timpani
Sonate für Kleine Trommel - Snare Drum
Sonatine - Timpani (Fink) - Timpani
Sonatine - Snare Drum (Fink) - Snare Drum
Spanish Dance (Fink) - Marimba Quartet
Spiegelungen à 2 - Multiple Percussion; Flute
Statement - Drumset
Stress - Percussion Trio
Studien für Pauken, Heft 1: Unterstufe - Timpani
Studien für Pauken, Heft 2: Mittelstufe - Timpani
Sudden Change - Multiple Percussion
Tangents (Fink) - Percussion Quartet; With Tape
Tangents für Orgel und Percussion - Multiple Percussion; Organ
Tarantella (Fink) - Timpani
Test (Fink) - Multiple Percussion
Toccatina - Timpani
Toccatina für Triangle - Triangle
Tom's Dilemma - Drumset
Triplet (Fink) - Snare Drum
Trommel-Suite - Snare Drum
Two On One - Percussion Duo
Variations (Fink) - Drumset
Varius - Timpani
Vibracussion II - Timpani
Vibrafon-Suite - Vibraphone

Vier Skizzen - Multiple Percussion

Percussion Ensemble

Até-Logo - Percussion Quartet
Bagatelle (Fink) - Percussion Duo; Piano (2)
Cariblue, Merengue - Percussion Duo
Concerto (Fink) - Marimba Quartet
Conga Brazil - Percussion Octet
Conga Negro - Percussion Duo
Dello-Bar - Percussion Octet
Dialog für Xylofon, Bass-Klarinette und Schlagzeug - Percussion Duo; Clarinet
Divertimento für Vibrafon und Marimba - Percussion Duo - Vibraphone/Marimba
Drei (3) Episoden - Percussion Duo - Vibraphone/Marimba
Duo für Vibrafon und Marimba - Percussion Duo - Vibraphone/Marimba
Duo für Drum-set - Percussion Duo; Drumsets
Erinnerung an Zirkus Renz - Percussion Quartet
Fuge (Fink) - Percussion Trio
Images para percusion - Percussion Quartet; Voice
Images para percusion (Flute) - Percussion Quartet; Flute
Interactions - Percussion Quartet - Variable Instrumentation
Jeux pour quatre - Percussion Quartet
Kanonade - Percussion Quartet
Kreuzpunkte - Percussion Trio
Marcha del Tambor - Percussion Sextet
Marche Funèbre - Percussion Septet
Marimbula - Percussion Duo - Vibraphone/Marimba
Menora - Percussion Sextet
Metallophonie - Percussion Quartet
Mini Musik - Percussion Duo
Naphegy Trio - Percussion Trio
Ostinati Machina - Percussion Sextet
Paderissimo - Percussion Quartet
Percussion Improvisation (Duo) - Percussion Duo
Percussion Movie - Multiple Percussion; Percussion Quartet
Pictures for Percussion - Percussion Quartet
Plaisanterie - Percussion Sextet
Ritmo - Percussion Septet
Shadows - Percussion Duo - Vibraphone/Marimba
Timing for Percussion - Percussion Quartet
Toccatina pour six percussionistes - Percussion Sextet
Top-Kapi - Percussion Quartet
Triga Percutens - Percussion Trio
Trio Oriente - Percussion Trio
Trio Ostinato - Percussion Duo; Clarinet
Trommel - Duo - Percussion Duo - Snare Drum
Trommel - Duo: Variationen uber den Bulgarischen Ratzenizza - Percussion Duo - Snare Drum
Trommeltanz für 4 Tomtoms, Kontrabass, 3 Posaunen - Percussion Quartet; Chamber Ensemble
Vibracussion - Vibraphone; Percussion Ensemble; Piano
Vier deutsche Tanze - Percussion Sextet
Zulu Welcome - Percussion Sextet
Zwolf Leichte Studien - Percussion Quartet