Benson, Allen C.

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Born: September 24, 1951

Country: U.S.A.

Studies: University of Minnesota (B.F.A. 1974)

Teachers: Paula Culp, Marv Dahlgren

Books for Percussion

Benson, Allen C. Basic Principles of the Scottish Style Revised Edition. Trommel editions, 1978, 1981.

Works for Percussion

Castle Thunder - Snare Drum
Der Schweizerische Trommler - Snare Drum
Detail of the Swiss Basle Style of Drumming - Snare Drum
French Drum Solos - Snare Drum
Old Hickory - Snare Drum
Optimum - Snare Drum
Retraite - Snare Drum
The Ancients - Percussion Duo
The International - Snare Drum
Variations on a Swedish Reveille - Snare Drum