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Country: Birmingham, United Kingdom

Christine Barron started her musical career as a freelance percussionist, which included freelance work with the Birmingham Symphony Orchestra. Subsequently she has worked extensively as a theatre and cabaret musician with many top entertainers. Christine has had many years experience as a professional composer and has written over 1000 compositions to date. Her compositions have been extensively heard both in the UK and worldwide. She has composed music for Film, Television and Radio (including Audio-visuals and Corporate Productions), Commercials, Library and Production Music, Concert Music, Electroacoustic Music and Printer Music for percussion, woodwind and string instruments in the Boosey & Hawkes Music Publishers catalogue. Subsequently Chappell Music Ltd. commissioned her to write a library album of short pieces to be used as ‘jingles’, theme and incidental music for TV, radio and films. This album has been distributed throughout the world. Her success in the TV commercial ‘jingle’ field has led her collaboration with Boosey & Hawkes Music Publishers on a number of albums including an album recorded by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

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