Where Now Rusts The Iron?

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Howard Buss

General Info

Year: 1994
Duration: c. 8:00
Difficulty: Grade IV-V (see Ratings for explanation)
Publisher: Brixton
Cost: Version II: Score and Parts - $42.50   |   Score Only - $0.00



Player I: Timpani (4), orchestra bells, tubular bells (shared with perc. 2), and finger cymbals
Player II: Two anvils (metal pipes may be substituted), and tubular bells (shared with perc. 1
Player III: Xylophone, and suspended cymbal
Player IV: Vibraphone and suspended cymbal
Player V: Marimba
Player VI: Two suspended cymbals, tam-tam, wind chimes, and bell tree

Program Notes

WHERE NOW RUSTS THE IRON? (1994) by Howard J. Buss is a dramatic tribute to the composer’s grandfather who, like many ironworkers in his day, worked under brutal conditions with the dream of making life better for future generations. “A moving work touching our communal soul.”[1]

Two Version:
Version for high voice & piano B346
Version for high voice, flute, cello, and six percussion B346E

“Where Now Rusts the Iron?”
Homes now stand where once the foundry coughed.
Countless tons of iron -
wheels and pans,
boilers and pipes,
latches and plates.
Countless train loads of hardware
shrieked from the pounding, grimy world within.

Iron converted from life itself,
energy given form.
Precious moments, days, and years
poured into molds and sealed
amid the ashes and dust,
always ashes and dust,
suspended in life-stealing air.

The graves of the workers overlook this place,
their fam’lies spread afar.
Season come and go, yet frozen in mem’ry
are the days of youth spent in toil, hope, and purpose.
Where now rusts the iron once cast by pounding hearts,
releasing the dreams, the souls,
invested in tough, cold metal?

The foundry still stands among the houses,
coughing on smoke-laden air.
Invisible as the iron once made,
its souls as mist remains.

- Howard J. Buss
Copyright © 1994 by Brixton Publications

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