La Foire Aux Cro√tes (12 etudes for percussion & piano)

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Yvonne Desportes

General Info

Year: 1955
Duration: c. 24:30
Difficulty: (see Ratings for explanation)
Publisher: Eschig
Cost: Score and Parts - $0.00   |   Score Only - $0.00


I. La Gitane (The Gypsy) - tambourine;
II. La Guerite Sous La Pluie (The Sentry-Box in the Rain) - snare drum;
III. Le Marche - timpani(3-4);
IV. Le Pere...Cuteur (One Man Band) - triangle, suspended cymbal, sleigh bells, temple blocks(2), cow bell, snare drum, tom-toms(2), bass drum;
V. Le Petit Tortillard - triangle, suspended cymbal, wood blocks(2), snare drums(2), field drum;
VI. L'Etoile (The Star) - orchestra bells;
VII. Les Marionnettes - xylophone;
VIII. Les Poupees Anciennes (Old Fashioned Dolls) - vibraphone;
IX. Le Vieux Clocher (The Old Belfrey) - orchestra bells, tam tam, cymbals;
X. L'Usine (The Factory) - triangle, cow bell, tam tam, bass drum, suspended cymbals(2);
XI. La Danse Espagnole - castanets;
XII. La Diligence (The Stage Coach) - suspended cymbal, sleigh bells, cow bell, temple blocks(3), bass drum


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