Heider, Werner

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Werner Heider


Born: January 01, 1930

Country: Fürth/Bayern, Germany

Studies: Privat-Musikschule, Nuremberg; Musikhochschule, Munich (1951-52)

Teachers: Willy Spilling, Karl Höller

Works for Percussion

100 Werbel zum Endes des Jahrtausends (One Hundred Rolls at the End of the Millennium) - Percussion Quartet
Cabaza (Heider) - Percussion Quartet
Galerie - Percussion Quartet
Gassenhalier - Snare Drum; Piccolo; Flute/Recorder
Gong Game - Percussion Quartet - Gongs (12)
Hands, Woods and Sticks - Multiple Percussion
Katalog für einen Vibraphonspieler - Vibraphone
Kleinwelt - Percussion Duo - Vibraphones (2)
Klopfzeichen - Percussion Duo - Snare Drums and Bass Drums for each player
Konflikte - Percussion Sextet; Orchestra
Laudate Lignum - Marimba
Le Saint Esprit - Percussion Duo; Piano
Pendant - Marimba