Hanson, Jens

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Jens Hanson


Born: November 29, 1936

Country: Raton, New Mexico, U.S.A. (emigrate Canada)

Studies: MIT (B.S.1958), University of Denver (M.M.1963), Yale University (Ph.D.1969)


Hanson, Jens. Composer, educator, b Raton, N Mex, 29 Nov 1936; B SC (MIT) 1958, MA (Denver) 1963, PH D (Yale) 1969. He studied composition 1961-3 with Normand Lockwood and in the summer of 1964 with Darius Milhaud; viola in 1961 with Fred Ruhof, in the summer of 1964 with John Garvey, and 1965-8 with David Schwartz; and theory 1965-8 with Allen Forte. In 1968 he joined the staff of the University of Windsor as a teacher of theory and composition. After being interested in electronic and aleatoric composition Hanson more recently has blended the influences of Forte, Babbitt, and Schafer. With the exception of Symphony in Four Movements (1963) and Keys (1974) for concert band, Hanson's output has consisted mainly of chamber and choral works. In 1974 he wrote theme music for The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds. He is a contributor to EMC.[1]

Works for Percussion

4, 5, and 6 - Multiple Percussion
Chameleon - Percussion Quartet
Prolusion, Air and Finale - Percussion Quartet - Marimba Quartet


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