Gemini Variations

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Armand Russell

General Info

Year: 1972
Duration: c. 4:46
Difficulty: (see Ratings for explanation)
Publisher: SchirmerG
Cost: Score and Parts - $0.00   |   Score Only - $0.00



Player I: Snare drum, tom-tom
Player II: Snare drum, tom-tom


Program Notes


This work is scored for two percussionists and piano. The percussion parts are for snare drum and tom torn. Each percussion part is equal to the other in terms of importance and both must be balanced with the piano which is more than just an accompaniment. The design of the work is a theme with five variations. Various parts of the drums are used to achieve different sonorities but the rhythms are not complicated. The manuscript comes with piano score and parts. The notation is traditional and the printing has been very well done. The work is at the medium difficult level and would serve well for a high school or college percussion ensemble. - Donald Gilbert[1]



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