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David Hext

General Info

Difficulty: Elementary
Publisher: Southern Music
Cost: $17.03

Song List

1. The Music Box
2. The Windmill
3. The Carousel
4. The Old School House
5. Cleo
6. The Old Clock
7. Freddy The Fish
8. Melissa The Donkey
9. The Big Wheel
10 Spike Island March


Player 1: Glockenspiel / Xylophone / Vibraphone / Marimba
Player 2: Piano

Program Notes

Ten delightful and very popular pieces for tuned percussion. All the pieces encourage the performer to play musically and sensitively, integrating with the piano accompaniment.


“Ask any young percussionist what their first “real” tuned pieces were with a proper piano accompaniment and they’re bound to mention David Hext.” “….real music with shape and colour together with an interesting piano part which lifts any performance and any performer.” [1]



Commercial Discography

Online Recordings

Recent Performances

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Works for Percussion by this Composer

Books for Percussion

Tuned In
Four Graded Pieces for Two-Mallet Marimba
Four Graded Pieces for Multi-Mallet Marimba
LCM Tuned Percussion Grades 1 & 2
LCM Tuned Percussion Grades 3 & 4
LCM Tuned Percussion Grades 5 & 6
LCM Tuned Percussion Grades 7 & 8

Works for Percussion

Church Ope Waltz
Sound Blocks
Suite for Solo Marimba
Spicy Sauce - Mallets
Madison March - Snare Drum
Dance Suite for Snare Drum and Piano - Snare Drum
Suite Concertante for Snare Drum and Marimba - Snare Drum; Marimba
Suite Concertante for Timpani - Timpani

Additional Resources


  1. NAPT magazine May 1999