Sixty-Second Solos

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Sean Kennedy

General Info

Publisher: Alfred Music
ISBN: 978-0-7390-9874-5
Cost: $8.99


Snare Drum


This book, written by Sean Kennedy, is an exciting introduction to solo percussion performance. Each solo contains detailed performance notes, addressing instrument-specific techniques and programmatic suggestions that enable the performer to dig in and bring the pieces to life. Approximately one minute in duration, each solo is perfect as audition material and a great addition to any middle school or high school concert program.


Snare Drum Solos

Shamus Noir
Stanoch's Panicked
Worm Burner

Mallet Percussion Solos

Natalie's Grace Notes
Arkadelphia Cowboy
Via del Duomo

Timpani Solos

The Met
Leonardo of Pisa at the Paukendrome

Works for Percussion by this Composer

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