Sequential Studies (BOOK 1) for Four-Mallet Marimba: Level 1...the very beginning

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Julia Gaines

General Info

Year: 2018
Edition: 1st Edition, 88 Pages
Publisher: Tapspace
Cost: Book Cost - $19.95   |   Supplemental Books - $0.00


After some piano and snare drum instruction, Julia Gaines' Sequential Studies for Four-Mallet Marimba - Level 1 is the next step needed for learning four-mallet marimba. It includes twenty sequential lessons with four or five exercises each that focus on a different technical aspect of four-mallet technique. No matter what grip you play with, this text will work on your stroke, interval expansion, and stamina. Also included are eight beginning solos, three commissioned specifically for this book. All you need to do is pick your mallets and your grip and you'll be playing your first four-mallet solo in no time!

Dr. Gaines recorded a great series of videos to compliment the book, all of which can be found in the playlist below (courtesy of Vic Firth Inc.).


Solo 1: Marimba Minuet
Solo 2: Etude For Marimba
Solo 3: The Clock is Ticking
Solo 4: Andante For Marimba
Solo 5: Lifting Spirits
Solo 6: The Happy Farmer
Solo 7: Honor Bound
Solo 8: Hannah's Waltz


Student Reviews


Additional Study Materials

Online Recordings

Get all 39 lesson videos here!

Sample Video - #1

Works for Percussion by this Author

Gaines, Julia. Sequential Studies (BOOK 1) for Four-Mallet Marimba: Level 1...the very beginning. Portland, Oregon, Tapspace, 2018.
Gaines, Julia. Sequential Studies (BOOK 2) for Four-Mallet Marimba: Level 2...the heart of the chorale. Portland, Oregon, Tapspace, 2019.

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