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Gert Bomhof

General Info

Year: 2012
Difficulty: Easy to Intermediate
Publisher: De Haske
Cost: £16.99


Snare Drum


This volume of twenty-five melodic solos for snare drum will prove extremely useful for drummers who are looking for material to perform unaccompanied in concerts or contests.


  • Next Generation
  • Jumping For Joy
  • On Stage, Speed It Up..
  • Go, March & Dance
  • Etudiantos, Rondolisimo
  • Full Colour, Dynamica
  • Changing Moods
  • Danse Triptyque
  • Rondo Olandese
  • Sun & Moon, Elegance
  • Rolling Along
  • Charlie's Chicken
  • Route 66
  • Funny Bunny
  • Double T
  • Railroad City
  • Even & Odd
  • Lesson 22
  • Level Two
  • Radetzky & Co
  • Hickedy Hop

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