My First Book for Xylophone and Marimba

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Nebojša Jovan Živkovic

General Info

Year: 1992
Duration: c.
Difficulty: Elementary
Publisher: Gretel Verlag
Series: Funny Mallets
Cost: $23.99


15 easy solo pieces for beginners with accompaniment

Song Lists

1. Tanz der Gummibärchen
2. Polka
3. Walzer
4. Ententanz
5. Kosakenlied
6. Das kleine Zirkuspony
7. Das tapfere Schneiderlein
8. Der Drehorgelmann
9. Auf der Wiese
10. Der Hase und der Igel
11. Holzschuh-Tanz
12. Xylophon-Polka
13. Lied des Einsamen
14. Schottisches Lied
15. Ein Frühlingslied



Works for Percussion by this Composer

My First Book for Xylophone and Marimba
Funny Xylophone (Book 1)
Funny Xylophone (Book 2)
Funny Vibraphone (Book 1)
Funny Marimba (Book 1)
Funny Marimba (Book 2)

Additional Resources