Masselink, Hugo

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Hugo Masselink



Country: The Netherlands




Hugo Masselink became a member of the Haaksbergse Harmonie at the age of 9. He played percussion there until his military service, which he spent at the Johan Willem Friso Chapel in Assen. He then completed his music studies at the Twente Conservatory in Enschede. There he studied the main subject of Percussion with Heinz Welcker, Frank van der Starre, Danny Sahupala and Nippy Noya. He received conducting lessons from Sef Pijpers, Jan van Ossenbruggen, Gert Buitenhuis and Kees Stolwijk, among others. During and after his studies, Hugo was mainly active as a player and conductor in wind music and light music. [1]

Works for Percussion

Three Movements for Percussion (Masselink) - Percussion Ensemble (14)