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Welcome to TEK Percussion™
an online percussion resource for professionals, students, and enthusiasts.
11,038 articles in the TEK database.

TEK Percussion™

The TEK Percussion Database, created by Dr. Tracy Freeze, is a web-based research tool for the professional percussionist, educator, composer, student and enthusiast. The database is currently open, please sign up for a free account and log in. The wiki is regularly updated, but needs a community of users to contribute to help fill in information as you are able.
For more information or inquiries about the project please contact Dr. Tracy Freeze


    8/09/23 - Representatives and affiliates of ABRSM, TCL, LCM and any other institutions or organizations that would like to host their content on this wiki, please contact the Administrator with your intent, and to request permissions and editing privileges.

    6/23/23 - Contributors - I have left messages in the discussion tab on your registered name. This is the only way to directly communicate within the wiki. You are welcome to respond in your own discussion or directly back on my talk page. Thank you!

    1/18/23 - TEK Perucussion Database is currently being updated to the new version of PHP and Mediawiki. The site will be under construction for the next few days and may be inaccessible. Please bear with me while I make this update. Thank you!

    5/24/22 - for Contributors: Here are two shortcuts to creating a composer page {{subst:composers}} & a works page {{subst:works}}
    Also for creating categories at the bottom of each page, here are two pages that you can cut and paste into the page you are working on... this will help not have misspellings and mislabeling of categories. Common Categories & Common Works Categories
    Lastly, please feel free to use the talk pages on the profiles to ask questions or respond to discussion I have posted on your user name Talk page.

    3/23/18 - Update: I have added a walkthrough for creating a composer page. It takes a little bit of patience learning how to do it, but once you have done a few of them it gets easier. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like me to help add some content. :-) Composer Page Walkthrough

    5/01/15 - Update: TEK Percussion is currently expanding its contents to include sorted lists for Percussion Pedagogy, including authors of books on Snare Drum, Timpani, Mallets, Drumset, Methods Classes. If you have a method book to add please feel free to contribute! For any questions please contact Dr. Tracy Freeze

To navigate the site, enter a search term in the search bar, or follow the links in the left navigation bar.

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