Kleine Trommel - Side Drum

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Eckehardt Keune

General Info

Year: 2002
Edition: c.
Publisher: Breitkopf
Difficulty: Elementary
ISBN: 979-0-2004-0501-6
Cost: Book Cost - €32.90   |   Supplemental Books - $0.00


Kleine Trommel, or side drum is an extensive method book by German percussionist Eckehardt Keune. This is the first part of his method book series Schlaginstrumente, and it provides historical information, physical characteristics, and notation. The exercises begin after a brief explanation, with photographs of the proper traditional grip and hand position. The criteria of these exercises go from single and double stroke variations, rolls, and notation.


Student Reviews

"This method book very clearly and bilingually explains a vast vocabulary of snare drum techniques with an extremely methodical rhythmic fashion. Presented for the purposes of training a beginning percussionist up to the level of an intermediate percussionist, while still remaining beneficial to the professional percussionist." - Denver Ridgway


Additional Study Materials

Works for Percussion by this Author

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