Kinoshita, Makiko

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Composer Name


Born: 1956

Country: Japan

Studies: Tokyo University of the Arts

Teachers: Mareo Ishiketa & Toshiro Mayuzumi & Shozo Maruta & Kenjiro Urata


While attending graduate school, Makiko Kinoshita made his professional debut by releasing the chorus suite "Ark" and the brass band "Introduction and Allegro". Selected for the composition section (orchestra section) of the Japanese Music Competition. Selected for the Japan Symphony Promotion Foundation Composition Award. Received the Mitsubishi UFJ Trust Music Award Encouragement Award at the premiere of the opera "Alice in Wonderland" (commissioned work for the 20th anniversary of the founding of the Mozart Theater). Makiko Kinoshita has held four concerts so far. The third concert "Chamber Music Night" held in 2008 received high praise in many music magazines, including newspaper reviews that "provided that he was one of the outstanding composers of this generation." Makiko Kinoshita's vocal works are particularly popular, and operas, choruses, and songs are all performed nationwide. Makiko Kinoshita has published over 100 books. "Chamber Music Works-Another World" ("Record Art" Contemporary Music Division Special Edition / Live Notes), "Swaying Moon" (Chamber Music, etc./ALM), "Jakusomon Hidden Music" (Chorus & Orchestra / Fontech) , "Piano Works-Dream Circuit" ("Record Art" Contemporary Music Division Semi-Special Edition, "CD Journal" "Music Contemporary" Recommended Edition / Live Notes) "Blessing" (Unaccompanied Chorus / Japan Traditional Culture Promotion Foundation) Many others. Makiko Kinoshita is currently a member of the Japan Society for Contemporary Music.

Works for Percussion

Concerto for Percussion (Kinoshita) - Multiple Percussion; Percussion Quartet
Sparks (Kinoshita) -Marimba