Festival Ensembles Book 2 (Mallet Percussion)

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Chuck Elledge & Dean Sorenson & Bruce Pearson

General Info

Publisher: Neil A. Kjos Music Company
Difficulty: Early Intermediate
Cost: $6.95


Mallet Percussion

Song List

1. Prince of Denmark’s March
2. Greensleeves
3. Poco Loco
4. Rondeau
5. The Calypso Kid
6. Melody from “Album for the Young”
7. March for Military Band
8. Minuet
9. Rio by Night
10. Musette
11. Allegro
12. Themes from “Judas Maccabaeus”
13. Hunting Song from “Album for the Young”
14. An Elizabethan Madrigal
15. There Lived a King from “The Gondoliers”


Playing in a variety of ensembles is an important component in the complete education of young instrumentalists. Festival Ensembles, Books 1 and 2 present collections of easy, flexibly scored classical ensemble repertoire perfect for festivals, concerts, summer camps, and varied chamber performance throughout the year. With Kjos Multiple Option Scoring each part book includes melody and harmony lines for each piece. This allows unlimited flexibility in the size of the group, instrumentation, and who has the melody! Students will love mixing and matching different combinations of instruments on melody and harmony lines. Flexible scoring makes Festival Ensembles great for groups with non-standard instrumentation, too. !

Additional Resources

Festival Ensembles Book 2 (Drums, Timpani & Auxiliary Percussion)