Contemporary Solos For Multi Percussion

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Gert Bomhof; Vincent Cox; Victor Oskam; Gian Prince; Henk Smit; Ivo Weijmans

General Info

Year: 2000
Publisher: De Haske Publications
Difficulty: Intermediate
ISBN: 978-9-0431-1012-9
Pages: 52
Series: De Haske Percussion Series
Cost: €18.68


A useful volume containing pieces for a variety of different percussion ensembles.

Song List

1. Multi Pulti: Composed by Gert Bomhof
2. Scream: Composed by Vincent Cox
3. Snare-n-Bass: Composed by Victor Oskam
4. Battlefield: Composed by Gian Prince
5. Multi One: Composed by Henk Smit
6. Bears me: Composed by Ivo Weijmans
7. Triple 'A': Composed by Gert Bomhof
8. Black-Eye: Composed by Vincent Cox
9. Rackety: Composed by Victor Oskam
10. The Boogieman: Composed by Gian Prince
11. Drumming Along: Composed by Henk Smit
12. And the Beat Goes On: Composed by Ivo Weijmans
13. Dancing Drums: Composed by Gert Bomhof
14. Pulse: Composed by Vincent Cox
15. Diddleledo: Composed by Victor Oskam
16. Con las manos: Composed by Gian Prince
17. Triple Beat: Composed by Henk Smit
18. At ease: Composed by Ivo Weijmans
19. Clownery: Composed by Gert Bomhof
20. Breakdown: Composed by Vincent Cox
21. Doengtik: Composed by Victor Oskam
22. Oriëntondo: Composed by Gian Prince
23. Latin Move: Composed by Henk Smit
24. Samoerai: Composed by Ivo Weijmans