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*You must be a member to edit and add pages to the wiki


Step One: Creating a composer page

1. Type the composers name (First Name then Last Name ie: Gordon Stout) into the search bar. If the name come up, then a page has already been created and you can go to it. If it shows up as red and say Create the page…on this wiki!, that means you will need to create a page. Click the link
2. Then type the following command to create a redirect page
a. #Redirect[[LastName, FirstName]] ie: #redirect[[Stout, Gordon]]
b. Save the page
3. It will make a new page link… click it and a blank page/box will appear with the new page being the lastname, firstname
4. 4. Type in the following command:
a. {{subst:composers}}
b. This will create a page using the Composers template

Step one is completed, the composers page has been created as well as a redirect page for someone who searches for the composers first name instead of the last name.

Step Two: Basic Data Entry

1. Once you are on the page that you would like to add information to, click the edit button in the upper right corner of the screen. It will take you to a new window where you will see text that is editable.
2. Under == Biography == you will begin the first data entry
a. Input Dates as follows – ie: August 29, 1936
i. Place the date one space after the colon: and between the <br>
ii. Like this: Born: August 29, 1936<br>
b. If there is a Death Date, add the date but remove “hidden html codes”
i. <!— (delete these to unhide)
ii. --> (delete these to unhide)
iii. Place the date one space after the colon: and between the <br>
iv. Like this: Died: September 30, 1982<br>
c. Input the country…
i. Place the country one space after the colon: and between the <br>
ii. Like this: Country: Detmold, Germany<br>
d. Input the places the composer has studied if known
e. Input the Teachers if known
i. Add brackets around the teachers names to hyperlink them as they may end up in the wiki or are already there. Ie [[Nadia Boulanger]], [[John Cage]]
1. You don’t need to do anything with the names just notice that they are red or blue
f. Enter a Website url if known
i. To make it a hyperlink follow the following format
1. If you want to link
2. It should look like this
a. []
g. Lastly, adding a composers bio
i. Put four or more dashes ( ---- ) will create a line
ii. Type or paste composers biography below the line
iii. If you need to cite a source use <ref> Put citation here </ref>

Step Two is completed. Basic Biographical information is entered save or move on to step three

*** to add a picture you will need to upload a jpg file (under tools) then link the file name on the composers page***

Step Three: Adding Compositions List to the Composer Page

1. If you saved from the previous step go to edit again at the top right of the page, if not go to next step
2. Find the section == Works for Percussion ==
a. You will see a command that looks like this {{Spencer, Julie Works}}
b. Copy this and place it in the space above that line… It will be below the == Works for Percussion == and above <!-- Create a template for the composers…
c. It should look like this:
== Works for Percussion ==
{{Spencer, Julie Works}}
<!-- Create a template for the composers…..
3. Copy the last and first name from the title of the page and paste it over Spencer, Julie
a. {{Spencer, Julie Works}} should look like this {{Redel, Martin Works}} for example
b. Only need to do this to command that you just copied to.
4. Save Page
5. This will take you to the main page again for the composer….
6. Now it will say Template: Redel, Martin Works in red. – Click on this.
7. A new blank page will open
8. Use the following as a guide for inputting compositions
a. [[title]] – Percussion Quartet<br>
i. Copy this on as many lines as you need one for each composition
9. Type in the Composition name over the word title and change the Percussion Quartet to whatever the ensemble is (Percussion Trio, or Percussion Octet, etc)
a. [[title]] – Percussion Quartet<br> becomes
b. [[Cantata Breve]] – Percussion Quartet<br>>
10. Look for the number of percussionists: Ie 2 = Percussion Duo, 3 = Percussion Trio, 4 = Percussion Quartet, etc. Change the instrumentation to match the composition – Add other instruments as well ie: flutes, orchestra – this will usually say accompaniment
a. [[Cantata Breve]] – Percussion Quartet<br> becomes
b. [[Cantata Breve]] – Percussion Duo; Voice; Flute<br>
11. Hyperlink the first time one of these instruments or instrumentation has been used
a. [[Cantata Breve]] – Percussion Duo; Voice; Flute<br> becomes
b. [[Cantata Breve]] – [[Percussion Duo]]; [[Voice]]; [[Flute]]<br>
i. The next time any one of these instruments are mentioned on this page it Does Not have to be hyperlinked – Only on the first entry as it appears
12. Continue with all of the compositions for this composer until they are all in a list on the tek perc site.
13. When finished - save.
a. After it saves, usually I back browse to get back to the composers page once again. Once there, refresh the page and all the compositions will appear under Works for Percussion

Step Three is completed, all the compositions have been added to the composers page. Continue to step four

Step Four: Assigning Categories

At this point, I open up a second webpage to the Tek Site and I type in the search bar “Common Categories” ) (or open this link in a new page). This will bring up a long list of categories that you can cut and paste into the Composer page.

1. Go back to the Composer Page, click the edit button in the upper right corner of the screen.
a. Scroll down to the bottom of the page where it says
<!-- {{DEFAULTSORT: Lastname, Firstname}} -->
2. Under [[Category:Composers]] begin adding categories from the “Common Categories” page.
a. This is best done by Memorizing some of the instrumentation's that are highlighted on the main page and adding them by cutting and pasting, OR duplicate the TEK page in your browser and alt tab back and forth
3. I first will add the category with the country
a. Spain in biography = [[Category:Spanish Composers]]
b. Netherlands in Biography = [[Category: Dutch Composers]]
4. Then if there are any “Ensemble” pieces (2 or more percussion) I will add
a. [[Category:Percussion Ensemble]]
5. If there are any solo works in the list 1 percussion (even if with a flute or some other non percussion instrument), I will add
a. [[Category:Solo Percussion]]
6. If the composer is a female add:
a. [[Category:Female Composers]]
7. Then Begin adding all of the instrumentation and other instruments as were listed in the Works for Percussion section
a. This may require a few saves to go back to the main page and remember what is there then go back and paste it in, or duplicate the TEK page in your browser and alt tab back and forth
b. Occasionally there will not be a category that is listed, just create one as simply as you can…
i. For example say you have a piece for Percussion and Kazoo..I don’t have a kazoo category in the list so you would create a category that looks like
ii. [[category:kazoo]]
8. Save the Page

Step Five: Review work

1. Check each section to make sure the data is entered in the proper format without added punctuation etc.
a. Biography
b. Works for Percussion
c. Categories