Mother’s Trance

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Paul "River" Guerguerian

General Info

Year: 2002
Duration: c.
Difficulty: (see Ratings for explanation)
Publisher: M.S. Guerguerian Website
Cost: Score and Parts - $0.00   |   Score Only - $0.00



Percussion Ensemble

Program Notes

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Works for Percussion by this Composer

Amongst & Throughout - Marimba; Violin; Bass
Ancient Technology - Multiple Percussion; Didjeridu; Voice; Dotar
Barbecue in Istanbul - Multiple Percussion; Bass Clarinet
Barbecue in Istanbul (Rev.) - Multiple Percussion; Bass; Piano
Boulevard - Percussion Ensemble; Bass
Breathe (Guerguerian) - Multiple Percussion
Bride of the Sister - Percussion Quartet; String Basses (4)
D.T. Lives - Percussion Duo; Flute; Electronics
Deepen - Multiple Percussion: Tibetan Bowls, Gongs; Cello, Bass, Guitar, Water
Dream in Paradise - Multiple Percussion; Dance
Duet (Guerguerian) - Marimba; Violin
Emerge & See - Multiple Percussion; Clarinet; Guitar; Cello, Bass; Piano
Fifteen for Michael - Multiple Percussion
Frame/Soar - Multiple Percussion; Flute
Gong Lab - Percussion Ensemble; Electric Guitar
Holly’s Groove (Solo) - Multiple Percussion:Cajon
Holly’s Groove (Ensemble) - Percussion Ensemble
Immerse - Multiple Percussion: Tibetan Bowls, Gongs; Cello, Bass, Guitar, Water
Jabberwocky - Multiple Percussion; Voice
Jo Ha Kyu - Multiple Percussion; Dance
Liquid Love - Multiple Percussion - Frame Drum
Lullaby for the Mountain - Multiple Percussion - Gongs, Singing Bowls; Voice
Moonlight - Percussion Duo - Frame Drums; Flute (2)
Mother’s Trance - Percussion Ensemble; Sarod; Flute
Odd Reflection - Multiple Percussion
On Us - Multiple Percussion; Baritone Saxophone
Overture Six - Multiple Percussion; Bass; Piano; Voice
Quite a Quiet Quandering - Multiple Percussion; Electronics
Release (Guerguerian) - Multiple Percussion: Tibetan Bowls, Gongs; Cello, Bass, Guitar, Water
S/He Loves Me, S/He Loves Me Not - Multiple Percussion; Dance
Samsara - Multiple Percussion; Dance
Seathrew - Percussion Quartet
Seven Tambourines - Multiple Percussion; Didjeridu
Seventeen Eights - Percussion Ensemble
She Walked In - Multiple Percussion; Violin; Piano
Sircomestandstill - Multiple Percussion
Skin - Multiple Percussion; Dance
So She Shines - Percussion Quartet
Stop & Go Kathmandu - Multiple Percussion; Dance
Symphonie Op. 21 (Webern) - Percussion Quartet
Still They Are - Multiple Percussion; Clarinet
Tem For You - Percussion Ensemble; Dotar; Piano
The Courting - Multiple Percussion: Water Percussion; Native American Fluet
The Mound - Multiple Percussion; Dance
The Pink - Multiple Percussion; Dance
Twenty Three Beats - Percussion Ensemble

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