Yüen Shan

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Michael Ranta

General Info

Year: 1996/98
Duration: c. 78:00 (approximately)
Difficulty: (see Ratings for explanation)
Publisher: Manuscript
Cost: Score and Parts - $0.00   |   Score Only - $0.00


1. Yin Shu – Geburt, Kindheit
2. Gu-Luan (Ritual I) – Jugend, Lernen, Experimentieren
3. I-Shr (Ritual II) – Erwachsenheit, Profitieren aus dem Gelernten und Experimentierten
4. Li-Huai – Alter, Askese, Tod


Player I: Indian bell plates(3), comet bells(5), Thai whirling bells(4), Chinese cup bells, crotale, hanging bell, hand bell, Chinese plate-bells(2), Thai gongs(4), Chinese flat-faced gongs(4), Chinese bell-plates(4), bar chimes, waterphone, kula-wapa, tam tams(3), thundersheet, bass drum, tom-toms(2), woodblocks(2)k, guiro, rainmaker, cup bells
Player II: Indian bell-plates(7), Thai whirling bells(3), Chinese temple bells(6), Chinese cup-like bells(2), crotale, hanging bell, hand bell, Thai gongs(4), Chinese flat-faced gongs(6), Chinese bell-plates(6), Chinese cymbals(2), waterphone, kula-wapa, tam tam, timpani(2), woodblocks(2), Japanese rin(2), guiro, Korean gong, cup bells
Player III: Indian bell plates(8), comet bells(5), Thai whirling bells(2), Chinese temple bells(6), Chinese cup-like bells(2), Chinese gongs(3), Chinese plate-bell, Thai gamelan gongs(2), Thai gongs(2), Chinese flat-faced gongs(3), Chinese bell plates(2), Chinese cymbals, hand bell, waterphone, Peking opera gongs(3), tam tam, Chinese cymbal, timpani(2), guiro, Japanese rin(2), cup bells
Player IV: Indian bell plates(7), comet bells(5), Thai whirling bells(5), Chinese gongs(4), Chinese cup-like bells(3), crotale, Chinese plate-bell, hanging bell, Thai gamelan gong, Thai gongs(4), Chinese flat-faced gongs(3), bar chimes, tam tam, waterphone kula-wapa, thundersheet, bass drum, tom-toms(2), woodblocks(2), tam tam, Korean gongs(2), Chinese cymbal, wooden rattle, snare drum

with tape

Program Notes

Yüen Shan (1996/98) is a composition lasting several hours for percussion and 8-channel tape. I-SHR (Ritual II) is the third part. (I = ceremony, SHR = form)

YÜEN SHAN (Yüen = round, perfect, Shan = mountain) is a well-known mountain on the edge of the city center of Taipei, where I was almost daily from 1972 to 1979.

Some Chinese characters that came to Japan via Korea in the Tang Dynasty have changed their original meaning or refined in the new culture.

So also "Yüen": in original Chinese "round, perfect", it has acquired in Japanese thinking the additional meaning of "peace, harmony".

World premiere on March 5, 1998 in Cologne, Schlagquartett Cologne




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