Weather Movement II: Storm Warning and Dance

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Steve Riley

General Info

Year: 1985
Duration: c. 4:20
Difficulty: (see Ratings for explanation)
Publisher: Alan, C.
Cost: Score and Parts - $0.00   |   Score Only - $0.00



Player I: Marimba
Player II: Crotale, xylophone
Player III: Vibraphone
Player IV: Mark tree, snare drum
Player V: Timpani(4)
Player VI: Roto-toms(4)
Player VII: Water gong, shaker, tambourine
Player VIII: Triangle, conga, cow bell, slapstick

Program Notes

premiere: 17 February 1986, Lawrence, Kansas, U. of Kansas Percussion Ensemble


Storm Warning and Dance is an octet scored for marimba, crotales (or bells), xylophone, vibraphone, mark tree, snare drum, four timpani, four RotoToms (or four tom-toms, graduated pitch), water gong (small gong dipped in water), large shaker, tambourine, large triangle, low conga (or low tom-tom), large cowbell and slapstick. The piece begins very slowly, creating an eerie, mysterious effect. The marimba rolls continuously on a minor second interval, and the crotales and vibes play a chromatic melody. After a fermata, the mood abruptly changes as the tempo is suddenly vivace and texture becomes much thicker. Constant 8th notes are maintained throughout most of the piece except for a short mixed-meter section. After a D.S., the piece finishes with four strong 8th notes. This is a good piece for students with limited mallet percussion experience. There is much repetition, and while the vibe part does require four-mallet technique, it involves playing only two chords. Storm Warning and Dance will sound impressive to the audience and will be fun and challenging to most intermediate percussion students. - Tom Morgan[1]



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