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Kaiser, Leander

General Info

Year: 2000
Duration: c.
Difficulty: (see Ratings for explanation)
Publisher: Studio 4
Cost: Score and Parts - $0.00   |   Score Only - $0.00




Program Notes

This composition is based on the Greek myth of the voyage of the ship Argo through the Symplegades

The Symplegades were a group of rocks which opened and closed so that every ship caught in between was crushed. The seer Phineas told the Argonauts to let a pigeon fly between the rocks. If the pigeon flew through unharmed, the ship would also be able to pass safely. When the Argonauts reached the rocks, they followed Phineas' instructions. As the pigeon flew through the Symplegades, the rocks closed, catching her tailfeathers. Having seen this, the Argonauts followed and, as the rocks closed, only the helm of the Argo was caught.




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Works for Percussion by this Composer

5f Midland Transit - Percussion Quartet
Apsara No.1 - Marimba
Apsara No.2 - Marimba
Aquanautic Voyage - Percussion Sextet
Bayon Pearnik - Marimba Solo and Percussion Trio or Quartet
Bells, Poems and Monasteries - Multiple Percussion
Besenfingerschlägelfilz - Snare Drum Solo
Black Sphinx - Marimba
Colorado Springs - Marimba
Cosmic Constellation - Vibraphone and Marimbaphone
Countersink Engine No.1 - Drum-Set Duo, Percussion Duo
Coutersink Engine No.2 - Drum-Set Duo, Percussion Duo
Der Provokateur for Snare Drum Solo
Desert Express - ten Percussionists
Die Sitzgruppe - Percussion Quartet
Double Flanging No.1 - Drum-Set Duo
Double Flanging No.2 - Percussion Duo, Drum-Set Duo
Eastern Oriental Express - Percussion Quartet
Eastern Pacific Liner - Percussion Quartet
Easy 6/8-Duo for Drums - Percussion Duo, Timbales and Cowbell
Easy Duo for two Drum-Sets - Percussion Duo, 2 Drum-Sets or Quartet
Easy Latin-Duo for Drums - Percussion Duo, 2 Timbales and Cowbell
Easy Pop-Duo for Drums - Percussion Duo, 2 Timbales and Cowbell
Easy Pop-Duo II for Drums - Percussion Duo, 2 Timbales and 2 Cowbells
Four Piatti Caprices Op. 25 (No.1,4,8,9) - Marimba
Florida Arclab - Multiple Percussion
Fünf Duos Drums - Percussion Duo, 2 TomToms and 2 Woodblocks
Hurricane's Eye - Marimba
Kick Box 261 - Marimba
Klassentreffen 3 Quartette - Percussion Quartet
Kolbenfresser, 5 Trios - Percussion Trio
Korkenzieher 4 Duos for Drums - Percussion Duo, 2 Timbales and Cow-Bell
Kugelblitz - Percussion Duo, 4 Duos for 2 Drum-Sets
Kugellager - Percussion Duo, two Snare-Drums
Kurbelwelle five Solos - Drum-Set
L´Expreso Brazil - Percussion Quartet
Latin-Duo - Percussion Duo, Drums and 4 Roto-Toms
Melting Point - Mallet-Quartet
Mikado 1254 - Body Percussion Quartet
Minotaurus 4.3 - Marimba
Nächtliche Reise, by/von Cornelius Gurlitt - Marimba Solo up to Percussion Quintet
Onyx (Kaiser) - Vibraphone Solo
Phaikon 493 - Organ and Percussion
Queensland Offshore Railroad - Percussion Quartet
Rock-Duo I - Percussion Duo, Drums and 4 Roto-Toms
Rock-Trio for Drums - Percussion Trio 4 Roto-Toms und 4 Wood-Blocks
SchattenSägenFuge - Piccolo and Field-Drum
Shuffle-Duo - Percussion Duo, Drums and 4 Roto-Toms
Slow Rock-Duo I - Percussion Duo,Drums and 4 Roto-Toms
Slow-Swing for Drums - Percussion Trio 4 Roto-Toms und 4 Wood-Blocks
Southern Pacific Liner - Percussion Quartet
Symplegades for Timpani
The Rocky Mountaineer - Percussion Quartet
Three Caprices Op. 25 by Alfredo Piatti (No.5,10,12) - Marimba
Three Winter Impressions - Marimba Duo
Time Torpedo II - Percussion Duo, two Drum-Sets
Time Torpedo for two Drum-Sets Duo - Percussion Duo, 2 Drum-Sets
Transsiberian Railroad - Percussion Quartet
Union Pacific Liner - Percussion Quartet
Upside Down (Kaiser) - Timpani Solo (2)
Vier kurze Soli für den jungen Schlagzeuger - Drum-Set Solo
Watermusic - Vibraphone (with incidental Percussion)
Western Pacific Liner - Percussion Quartet
Whirlwind I - Drum-Set Solo

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