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Julie Spencer


Born: January 09, 1962

Country: Indianapolis, Indiana, U.S.A.

Studies: Eastman School of Music (B.F.A.1985), California Institute of the Arts (M.F.A.1990)

Teachers: Paul Novros, James Newton, John Beck

Website: http://www.spencer-blume.com/

Professional Bio

Julie Spencer - Profile


The exceptional American artist and internationally renowned marimba virtuoso Julie Spencer enchants with her unusual instruments, her profoundly personal singing style, and her unmistakable musicality, creating new music through the harmonizing confluence of composition and performance.

Her cross-stylistic work is comprised of improvisatory sound collages, jazz compositions, world music cross-over as well as contemporary scores for solo marimba, chamber ensembles, choirs and orchestras. Her trail-blazing, individualistic playing technique is unique and expressive.

"Music is an expression of the soul, mediated through a language of the intellect, made possible by an openness of the heart, its substance and meaning perpetually redefined in the context of personal experience and collective consciousness. While deriving strength from the conflicts and sorrows of our lives, I hope in the creation of music to be a voice for love and joy in the world." -Julie Spencer[1]

Works for Percussion

After The Storm - Solo Marimba
Almost 5 A.M. - Solo Marimba
Ask - Solo Vibraphone
Bamboo Leaf - Solo Marimba
Before The Beginning - Solo Marimba; Marimba Quartet
Brothers In Peace - Solo Marimba
Chelsea Window - Solo Marimba
Color Suite - Solo Marimba
Ecstatic Sunlight on the Mountain Snow - Solo Marimba
Ecstatic Sunlight Suite - Solo Marimba
The Emperors New Clothes - Solo Marimba
Elim - Solo Marimba
Fire Elves - Solo Marimba
Glowing Horizon at Dawn - Solo Marimba
Gomer in the Desert - Solo Marimba
Grateful Metamorphosis - Percussion Ensemble
Ice Cream - Solo Marimba
Hot Chai - Marimba Duet; Marimba, Bass Clarinet
Mountain Spring - Solo Marimba
Pink Elisa Spring - Solo Marimba; Marimba Duet
Soulhouse Suite - Solo Marimba
Summer Music - Solo Marimba
Swirling Light in the Mist by the Sea - Solo Marimba
Tranquility - Solo Vibraphone
Tree Song - Marimba, Flute Duo; 2 Marimbas; Marimba, Piano
Tribeca Sunflower - Solo Marimba; Marimba Quartet; World Music Ensemble
Waterfalls - Solo Marimba
Waterfalls Concerto - Solo Marimba and Orchestra; Solo Marimba and Percussion Ensemble
When You Hear The Soft Roar When There Is No Sound - Percussion Ensemble
White Squirrel - Solo Marimba
Wild Heron - Solo Marimba