October Night

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Michael Burritt

General Info

Year: 1986
Duration: c. 9:00
Difficulty: Intermediate-Hard (see Ratings for explanation)
Marimba Required: 4.3 Octave Publisher: Ludwig Music Publishing
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Program Notes

dedication: to Gordon Stout; premiered by the composer on 23 October 1986, Kent State University, Kent, Ohio


A two-movement piece dedicated to Gordon Stout, and based on the Dylan Thomas poem Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night. The first movement is a chorale that features harmonic shifts between b flat and c major. With every note rolled along with marked in phrase markings, and specific dynamics, it helps the character of the first movement flow through the phrases with ease. The second movement is much more lively, utilizing techniques such as arpeggiations up and down the marimba using all four mallets, these arpeggiations are heard a few times, and act as a kind of tense theme. Along with the tenseness of the arpeggiations, the syncopated quadruple stop chords help to push the feeling of the piece along, carrying it through the quick movements of later passages. Although the second piece depicts anger and aggression, echos of the first movements remorsefulness can be heard toward the end of the second movement. The composer Michael Burritt can be heard playing October Night on the CD: Perpetual. This piece is published through Ludwig Masters.

Online Review

A 9:00,two-movement, 4-mallet marimba solo dedicated to Gordon Stout. The composer suggests a graduated set of mallets for Movement I, which is chorale-like, using traditional, independent, and ripple rolls. Movement II is more toccata-like, with very idiomatic arpeggiated figures and struck chords. Sticking indications are included end should be followed. A standard "concert-grand" marimba with a low A is necessary. Certainly a well-conceived and well-written addition to the modern recital repertoire for solo marimba. And certainly a challenge for the university-level percussionist with well-developed technical skills and mature musical concepts. - John Baldwin, Fall 1998 [1]

Commercial Discography

Michael Burritt - Perpetual

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