Moore, Joe W.

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Joe W. Moore III


Born: 1986

Country: USA

Studies: University of Central Florida, University of South Carolina, Louisiana State University

Teachers: Jeff Moore, Kirk Gay, Scott Herring, Jim Hall, Brett Dietz, Troy Davis, Dinos Constantinides, Jay Batzner


Joe W. Moore III currently serves as Assistant Professor of Percussion at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. Moore received the Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Central Florida, the Master of Music degree from the University of South Carolina, and the Doctor of Musical Arts degree with a minor in composition from Louisiana State University. His primary percussion teachers include Jeff Moore, Kirk Gay, Scott Herring, Jim Hall, Brett Dietz and Troy Davis. His composition teachers include Jay Batzner, Brett Dietz, and Dinos Constantinides.

Active as a soloist and chamber musician, Moore performs as a member of the Omojo Percussion Duo, 2x2 Percussion, the Black sheep Percussion Quartet, and Dead Resonance. His recent performances have included the Sugarmill Music Festival, the UTRGV Marimba Festival, and the National Conference on Percussion Pedagogy.

As a composer, Moore's works have been performed and heard across the United States at state music educator conferences, the National Conference on Percussion Pedagogy, and the Percussive Arts Society International Convention. C. Alan Publications, Alea Publishing and Recording, Percussion Music Europe, Strikeclef Publishing, and Innovative Percussion Publications publish Dr. Moore's music. He also self-publishes many of his own manuscripts, which can be found in the store of this website.

Dr. Moore's sponsors include Pearl Drums/Adams Musical Instruments, REMO Drumheads, SABIAN Cymbals, Black Swamp Percussion, and Vic Firth sticks and mallets.[1]

Works for Percussion

3 drums - Congas
A Day in the Studio - Vibraphone
Above the Clouds - Percussion Ensemble (12)+
Agape - Marimba
A Glimpse of Life - Marimba
Apex - Percussion Duo
Astronomically Speaking - Alto Saxophone, Multiple Percussion
Autumn - Marimba
A Wind Sketch - Marimba
A yearning - Horn, Marimba
Bad Vibes - Bb trumpet, Vibraphone
Barbaric Passages - Percussion Duo
Beijos - Violin, Multiple Percussion
Bon Temps - Percussion Quartet
Bound - Multiple Percussion
Burning Coal - Percussion ensemble (8-12)
Celestial Bodies - Marimba Quartet
Celestial Dreams - Multiple Percussion, w/tape
Chant - Marimba + tabla
Concerto No. 1 for Marimba and Orchestra - Marimba, Orchestra
Constellations - Alto Flute, Marimba
Cosmos - Hammered Dulcimer
Dark Matter -Percussion Quartet
Dawn - Marimba
Denkyem - Percussion Sextet
Dimension 5 - Percussion Duo
Eclipse - Vibraphone
Entourage - Percussion Quartet
Epoch - Multiple Percussion
Even - keel - Horn, Multiple Percussion
Faith - Marimba
Fede di Volare (Faith to Fly) - Marimba, Percussion Trio
Five Pieces for Solo Glockenspiel - Glockenspiel
Fuse - Cowbell
Geaux - Percussion Duo, Snare drum + timpani
Genesis - Percussion Octet
Halley's Comet - Marimba
Halo (Moore) - Percussion Trio
iDrum - Marching Snare Drum
Juengel Dance - Marimba
juNO (rudimental - Snare Drum
Kindled Fire - Multiple Percussion
Landscapes (Moore) - Timpani, Percussion Ensemble
Lemniscate “8 is strength” - Marimba
Leoce - Marimba Duo
Luna - Marimba & Vibes
Marimba Quartet - Marimba Quartet
Mosaic - Percussion Quintet
Moving Waters - Waterphone
No wind, no rain, just a subtle mist - Vibraphone
Northeastern Relic - Percussion Nonet
Nova - Percussion Ensemble (10)
Of the Moon - Marimba
Ojo' (evil eye) - Percussion Quintet
Omojo - Percussion Duo
Pantocrator - Marimba
Parable - Timpani
Pattern Music (Moore) - Marimba Duo
Platform - Snare Drum
Primary Source - Marimba, Percussion Sextet
Projection - Percussion Ensemble (12)+
Pulsar - Multiple Percussion
Purple Mist - Marimba & Vibes
Release (Moore) - Marimba
Redemption - Marimba
Ritual - Tambourine
Seconds Away - Marimba, Percussion Duo
Secrets We Keep - Percussion Duo
Sill Waters Run Deep - Multiple Percussion
Space Grey - Electric Guitar, Vibraphone
Spiritual Gifts - Percussion Quartet
Strobes - Percussion Quartet
Sweet Bread - beginning level percussion ensemble
Tabula Rasa - Kalimba
Tempered Glass - Percussion Quintet
The Colour Suite - Violin, Multiple Percussion
The Jackal’s Wedding - Alto Saxophone, Multiple Percussion
The Piece that Passes All Understanding - Marimba
Thick Skin - Djembe
Thunder - Timpani
Treading Lightly - Timpani
Unchained - Marimba, Percussion Trio
Unforeseen Problems - Marimba, Percussion Trio
Visible Light - Crotales
Wavelengths - Crotales
Wooden Alloy - Trumpet, Percussion Duo