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Meyer Kupferman

General Info

Year: 1986
Duration: c. 8:00
Difficulty: Advanced (see Ratings for explanation)
Publisher: Soundspells
Cost: Score and Parts - $12.00   |   Score Only - $0.00



Program Notes

Meyer Kupferman composed Moonsticks for a 1986 European composition competition, which won first prize. The piece is a twelve-tone treatment of the old French crusader song, “L’homme Arme.” Kupferman’s compositional style is romantic using free variations around his signature “Infinities” twelve-tone row. Moonsticks was premiered by Manhattan Marimba Quartet member Bill Trigg in New York City.


This piece was composed for a 1986 European Composition Contest, and won first prize. Beginning strangely, this piece starts out with the performer bowing the marimba. A wide array and flourishing of notes then follow. This piece is a prime example of Meyer Kupferman using his atonal composition technique of his ‘Infinities’ tone row. G, F, A flat, B, B flat, D, F sharp, E, C, E flat, A, C sharp. Although this piece is atonal, Kupferman masterfully allows a melody to be heard that the listener’s ear can easily pick up and follow on. This piece would be a challenge for any marimbist, Kupferman demands a certain level of virtuosity, as well as dynamic range, intense memorization due to the atonality and clutter of the score, as well as improvisation through the piece. The piece ends the same way it starts, with the bowing of the marimba. This piece is a twelve-tone variation of the old French Crusader song: L’homme Arme. This piece is published by SoundSpells Productions. This piece can be heard by Tracy Freeze on the duo CD: Bus Dust and Dogs, as well as Snapshot Live.



1986 European Composition Contest - 1st Place

Commercial Discography

Charles Dowd, & Tracy Freeze - Goodvibes Jazz Duo - Snapshot Live (CD)

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