Hoey, Fred

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Composer Name


Born: March 28, 1920

Died: November 28, 1994 - San Antonio, Texas

Country: Streator, Illinois, U.S.A.

Studies: Trinity University

Teachers: William Ludwig

Works for Percussion

A Round of 6/8 Drum Solos - Snare Drum
Academic Ensembles - Percussion Ensemble
Accentasia - Percussion Trio - Snare Drums (3)
Contemporary Waltz - Snare Drum
Cut and Shoot - Snare Drum
Decrescendo - Snare Drum
Detachment Dynamics - Snare Drum
Dress Parade - Snare Drum; Piano
Drum Set Tunes - Drum Set
Drum Tunes, Volume 1 - Snare Drum - (Collection)
Drum Tunes, Volume 2 - Snare Drum - (Collection)
Drummers Deluxe Bonus Pack - Snare Drum
Drummin' Duets - Percussion Duo; Snare Drum (2)
Echo Valley - Snare Drum
Ensemble for Moderns - Percussion Sextet
Eyes Right - Snare Drum
Fireworks - Snare Drum
First Parade - Snare Drum; Piano
Hand Shake - Snare Drum; Piano
Jet Age 6/8 - Snare Drum
Jig Saw - Snare Drum; Piano
Kirk's March - Snare Drum; Piano
Office Force - Percussion Octet
One Horse Sleigh - Percussion Quartet
Polonaise for Snare - Snare Drum
Pyramids Dulcet - Snare Drum; Piano
Pyramids Prima - Snare Drum; Piano
Qualified Dual - Percussion Duo; Snare Drum (2)
Rhythm of the Bells - Snare Drum; Piano
Rock Solid - Snare Drum; Piano
Ruff Drag Strip - Snare Drum
Six Eight Fantasy - Percussion Quartet
Six Eight On Parade - Snare Drum
Straight Eight - Snare Drum; Piano
Sunrise - Percussion Sextet
Texas Challange - Snare Drum
The Drummer Boy - Snare Drum
Three Moods for Percussion (Hoey) - Percussion Sextet
Tie Two - Snare Drum
Time for Two - Snare Drum; Piano
Track South - Snare Drum
Unrolly Permutation - Snare Drum
Vacation Antics - Snare Drum; Piano
Waltz Brillante - Snare Drum
Waltz Georgia - Snare Drum; Piano
Waltz of the Waves - Snare Drum; Piano
Yaqui Indian Suite - Percussion Sextet