Hiller, Wilfried

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Wilfried Hiller


Born: March 15, 1941

Country: Weißenhorn, Germany

Studies: Hochschule für Musik, München

Teachers: Hanns Hölz, Ludwig Porth, Carl Orff

Music is a sensuous art form, perhaps the most sensuous of all, and in its creation must also move listeners and audiences. (Wilfried Hiller)

Wilfried Hiller was born in the Swabian town of Weißenhorn on 15 March 1941. Following his piano studies at the Augsburg Conservatory (Wilhelm Heckmann), he originally found employment as an organist and ballet accompanist before commencing studies in composition (Günther Bialas), opera direction (Heinz Arnold), percussion and timpani (Ludwig Porth, Hanns Hölzl) and music theory (Hermann Pfrogner) at the Musikhochschule in Munich in 1963. From 1967, Hiller was percussionist at the Staatstheater am Gärtnerplatz and Bavarian State Opera. A year later, he founded the concert series "Musik unserer Zeit" which was later known as the “Münchner Musiknächte” (1981). The following years were influenced by Hiller’s cooperation with Carl Orff whom he had met in 1968 and with whom he remained in close contact for the remainder of Orff’s life. In 1971, Hiller was appointed as musical editor at Bavarian Radio; in the same year, the collaboration began with his subsequent wife, the actress Elisabet Woska. Additional artistic impulses were provided through music theatre projects in a creative partnership with Michael Ende from 1978 onwards. Hiller took up a teaching post at the Musikhochschule in Munich in 1991 and was appointed as teacher of composition at the Richard Strauss Conservatory in 1993. Hiller was the president of the Bavarian Music Council between 2005 and 2008. Since 2008, he has been the chairman of the Carl Orff Foundation and the artistic director of the International Organ Week in Nürnberg since 2009... See the rest of the article at the following link[1]

Works for Percussion

An Diesem Heutigen Tage - Percussion Quartet; Actress
Katalog I für Schlagzeug - Multiple Percussion
Katalog II - Percussion Duo
Katalog III - Percussion Trio
Katalog IV für Schlagzeug - Percussion Quartet
Katalog V für Schlagzeug - Percussion Quintet
Pegasus 51: Konzert für Jazzschlagzeug und Symphonieorchester - Drumset; Orchestra
Paganiniana - Percussion Quartet; Violin