Hartl, Heinrich

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Heinrich Hartl


Born: May 07, 1953

Country: Deggendorf/Bavaria, Germany

Studies: Conservatory, Nürnberg (1973-83)

Teachers: Hans-Ludwig Schilling

Website: http://www.hartlmusik.de/

Current positions:
teaching appointment at Friedrich-Alexander University in Erlangen-Nuremberg

piano, organ, composition and catholic church music at the Meistersinger Conservatory in Nuremberg

first prize in the composition competition of the Czech Republic in 1994; cultural development grant of the city of Nuremberg in 1995; Wolfram-von-Eschenbach prize of Central Frankonia in 2006 Works/Publications: 142 choral works, chamber music, church music, piano etc.; a.o. three a cappella motets after poems of R.M. Rilke, opus 12; beatitudes after Matthew for a cappella, opus 30 and six chanson after poems by E. Kästner for mixed a cappella choir, opus 37; Missa in remissionem pecatorum for mixed choir a cappella Op. 168

Heinrich Hartl, Kammermusik, 1994; Heinrich Hartl, Missa "Da Pacem", 1997; Böhmen liegt am Meer, 2000; Selma oder die Reise um den Tisch, 1002; Wenn ick mal tot bin, 2004[1]

Works for Percussion

Glacto Burico, op. 56 - Percussion Duo - Marimba, Vibraphone
Julias Tango, op.42 - Marimba
Kaleidoscope für 9 Fellschlaginstrumente, op.23 - Multiple Percussion
Klangspiele für Marimba, op.14 - Marimba
Konzert für Marimbaphon und Streichorchester, op.32 - Marimba; Orchestra