Hajdu, Loránt

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Composer Name


Born: August 12, 1937

Country: Bucharest, Hungary

Studies: Academy of Music, Budapest

Teachers: I. Szelény, E. Szervánszky

Lóránt Hajdu was born in Bucharest, Romania, to a Hungarian family in 1937. In his early childhood they moved to Budapest, Hungary. He studied piano with Clara Chitz and composition with István Szelényi at the Bartók Béla Conservatory in Budapest. He graduated at the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music in Budapest, where his teacher was Endre Szervánszky.

In 1966 his first Concerto for piano and orchestra won the first prize of the Queen Marie José International Competition. He taught piano and composition at the Leó Weiner Conservatory until 2007. He is founder member of the Alkotó Muzsikusok Társasága (Hungarian Society of Creative Musicians).[1]

Works for Percussion

Four Etudes for Percussions - Percussion Quartet
Four Movements for Percussions - Percussion Trio
Funny Waltz - Percussion Quartet


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