Hachimura, Yoshio

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Yoshio Hachimura


Born: October 10, 1938

Died: June 15, 1985

Country: Tokyo, Japan

Studies: Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, 1961

Teachers: Yoshio Hasegawa, Y. Irino, Y. Shimaoka

Hachimura Yoshio studied composition at the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, graduating in 1961. His early compositions display the influence of the atonal Expressionism of the Second Viennese School. He established his original style, an assimilation of Webern, Boulez, Cage, jazz and Japanese traditional music, with One Hour at Every One Breath (1960); this work won him a prize at the 1962 Rome International Competition. In 1967 he joined the faculty of the T?h? Gakuen College of Music, becoming an assistant professor in 1984. The colourful sonorities of Constellation (1969), performed to acclaim at the 1969 Japanisch-Deutsches Festival für Neue Musik, became one of the characteristics of his later style. In 1980 he won an ISCM prize for The Logic of Distraction (1975). Though Hachimura was not a prolific composer, each of his 20 finely wrought compositions bears a deep personal significance. [1]

Works for Percussion

Ahania, op.9a - Marimba
Ahania, op.9b - Percussion Duo; Marimba Duo
Holidays - Marimba
Seishin-Fu (Constellation), op.5 - Chimes; Chamber Ensemble
Seishin-Fu (Constellation), op.5 (Duo) - Percussion Duo; Piano; Violin


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