Fundamentals of Tabla, 2nd Edition

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David R. Courtney

General Info

Year: 1995
Edition: c. 2nd Edition
Publisher: Sur Sangeet Services
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This is one the primary resources for Tabla Drumming. Tabla is an oral tradition passed down from master to student. This is book that can help a very beginner to learn about Tabla, its function, history and basic understanding of the instrument and its relationship in Indian Music. - Rating I


1. Introduction
2. Getting Started
3. Elementary Material
4. Other Bols
5. Theka and Prakar

Appendix 1-8 Notation, Sources of Tablas, Sample Questions, Misc. Tal, Misc. Prakar, Map of India, Quick reference Chart, Paluskar notation


Student Reviews


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Courtney, David R. Fundamentals of Tabla, 2nd Edition. Houston Texas: Sur Sangeet Services, 1995

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