Ferstl, Erich

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Erich Ferstl


Born: May 4, 1934

Country: Munich, Germany



Erich Ferstl grew up in a family of musicians, studied piano, violin, guitar and composition. As a performer and as a film composer, he has participated in numerous productions. With the music of the 13-part television series Ub 'immer Treu possible it was established in 1965 known to a wider audience.

In addition to compositions for film and television productions, he released several records with different music and performed on numerous occasions. He played in a duo with Joe Viera Jazz and joined in 1962 and 1964 on the German Jazz Festival Frankfurt on. In 1965 he made ​​together with the singer Elena Cardas a tour of the Middle East.

In the 1970s, he wrote the score for four Simmel filmings and for several television series.[1]

Works for Percussion

French Suite for Four Timpani - Timpani
Vier Stncke für Drei Schlagzeuger - Percussion Trio