Fede di Volare (Faith to Fly)

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Joe W. Moore III

General Info

Year: 20
Duration: c.
Difficulty: (see Ratings for explanation)
Publisher: Manuscript
Cost: Score and Parts - $0.00   |   Score Only - $0.00




Player I:
Player II:
Player III:

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Works for Percussion by this Composer

3 drums - Congas
A Day in the Studio - Vibraphone
Above the Clouds - Percussion Ensemble (12)+
Agape - Marimba
A Glimpse of Life - Marimba
Apex - Percussion Duo
Astronomically Speaking - Alto Saxophone, Multiple Percussion
Autumn - Marimba
A Wind Sketch - Marimba
A yearning - Horn, Marimba
Bad Vibes - Bb trumpet, Vibraphone
Barbaric Passages - Percussion Duo
Beijos - Violin, Multiple Percussion
Bon Temps - Percussion Quartet
Bound - Multiple Percussion
Burning Coal - Percussion ensemble (8-12)
Celestial Bodies - Marimba Quartet
Celestial Dreams - Multiple Percussion, w/tape
Chant - Marimba + tabla
Concerto No. 1 for Marimba and Orchestra - Marimba, Orchestra
Constellations - Alto Flute, Marimba
Cosmos - Hammered Dulcimer
Dark Matter -Percussion Quartet
Dawn - Marimba
Denkyem - Percussion Sextet
Dimension 5 - Percussion Duo
Eclipse - Vibraphone
Entourage - Percussion Quartet
Epoch - Multiple Percussion
Even - keel - Horn, Multiple Percussion
Faith - Marimba
Fede di Volare (Faith to Fly) - Marimba, Percussion Trio
Five Pieces for Solo Glockenspiel - Glockenspiel
Fuse - Cowbell
Geaux - Percussion Duo, Snare drum + timpani
Genesis - Percussion Octet
Halley's Comet - Marimba
Halo (Moore) - Percussion Trio
iDrum - Marching Snare Drum
Juengel Dance - Marimba
juNO (rudimental - Snare Drum
Kindled Fire - Multiple Percussion
Landscapes (Moore) - Timpani, Percussion Ensemble
Lemniscate “8 is strength” - Marimba
Leoce - Marimba Duo
Luna - Marimba & Vibes
Marimba Quartet - Marimba Quartet
Mosaic - Percussion Quintet
Moving Waters - Waterphone
No wind, no rain, just a subtle mist - Vibraphone
Northeastern Relic - Percussion Nonet
Nova - Percussion Ensemble (10)
Of the Moon - Marimba
Omojo - Percussion Duo
Pantocrator - Marimba
Parable - Timpani
Pattern Music (Moore) - Marimba Duo
Platform - Snare Drum
Primary Source - Marimba, Percussion Sextet
Projection - Percussion Ensemble (12)+
Pulsar - Multiple Percussion
Purple Mist - Marimba & Vibes
Release (Moore) - Marimba
Redemption - Marimba
Ritual - Tambourine
Seconds Away - Marimba, Percussion Duo
Secrets We Keep - Percussion Duo
Sill Waters Run Deep - Multiple Percussion
Space Grey - Electric Guitar, Vibraphone
Spiritual Gifts - Percussion Quartet
Strobes - Percussion Quartet
Sweet Bread - beginning level percussion ensemble
Tabula Rasa - Kalimba
Tempered Glass - Percussion Quintet
The Colour Suite - Violin, Multiple Percussion
The Jackal’s Wedding - Alto Saxophone, Multiple Percussion
The Piece that Passes All Understanding - Marimba
Thick Skin - Djembe
Thunder - Timpani
Treading Lightly - Timpani
Unchained - Marimba, Percussion Trio
Unforeseen Problems - Marimba, Percussion Trio
Visible Light - Crotales
Wavelengths - Crotales
Wooden Alloy - Trumpet, Percussion Duo

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