Etudes No. 4, 5, 6

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Michael Burritt

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Duration: c.
Difficulty: (see Ratings for explanation)
Publisher: Alan, C.
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Program Notes

Online Review

Part of a series of etudes dedicated to Leigh Howard Stevens, Etude No. 4 provides the aspiring four-mallet performer with an excellent study to enrich four-mallet technique--in particular, double lateral strokes. In the preface Burritt says, "This etude was conceived to develop dexterity, strength, and endurance in double lateral, four-mallet sticking technique. The sequential sticking pattern 123234 is a pattern I use in a variety of applications in everyday practice." Burritt suggests that Etude No. 4 be practiced slowly using sextuplets as the basic rhythmic pattern within the interval of a fifth in each hand. All markings and print are very clear and concise. A marimba with a 4 1/2-octave range (low F) is required to perform this etude. Bravo to Michael Burritt for giving the four-mallet performer an opportunity to enhance double lateral strokes. - Lisa Rogers - Oct. 1997[1]

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