Colorado Springs

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Leander Kaiser

General Info

Year: 2016
Duration: c.
Difficulty: (see Ratings for explanation)
Publisher: KPP
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Works for Percussion by this Composer

5f Midland Transit - Percussion Quartet
Apsara No.1 - Marimba
Apsara No.2 - Marimba
Aquanautic Voyage - Percussion Sextet
Bayon Pearnik - Marimba Solo and Percussion Trio or Quartet
Bells, Poems and Monasteries - Multiple Percussion
Besenfingerschlägelfilz - Snare Drum Solo
Black Sphinx - Marimba
Colorado Springs - Marimba
Cosmic Constellation - Vibraphone and Marimbaphone
Countersink Engine No.1 - Drum-Set Duo, Percussion Duo
Coutersink Engine No.2 - Drum-Set Duo, Percussion Duo
Der Provokateur for Snare Drum Solo
Desert Express - ten Percussionists
Die Sitzgruppe - Percussion Quartet
Double Flanging No.1 - Drum-Set Duo
Double Flanging No.2 - Percussion Duo, Drum-Set Duo
Eastern Oriental Express - Percussion Quartet
Eastern Pacific Liner - Percussion Quartet
Easy 6/8-Duo for Drums - Percussion Duo, Timbales and Cowbell
Easy Duo for two Drum-Sets - Percussion Duo, 2 Drum-Sets or Quartet
Easy Latin-Duo for Drums - Percussion Duo, 2 Timbales and Cowbell
Easy Pop-Duo for Drums - Percussion Duo, 2 Timbales and Cowbell
Easy Pop-Duo II for Drums - Percussion Duo, 2 Timbales and 2 Cowbells
Four Piatti Caprices Op. 25 (No.1,4,8,9) - Marimba
Florida Arclab - Multiple Percussion
Fünf Duos Drums - Percussion Duo, 2 TomToms and 2 Woodblocks
Hurricane's Eye - Marimba
Kick Box 261 - Marimba
Klassentreffen 3 Quartette - Percussion Quartet
Kolbenfresser, 5 Trios - Percussion Trio
Korkenzieher 4 Duos for Drums - Percussion Duo, 2 Timbales and Cow-Bell
Kugelblitz - Percussion Duo, 4 Duos for 2 Drum-Sets
Kugellager - Percussion Duo, two Snare-Drums
Kurbelwelle five Solos - Drum-Set
L´Expreso Brazil - Percussion Quartet
Latin-Duo - Percussion Duo, Drums and 4 Roto-Toms
Melting Point - Mallet-Quartet
Mikado 1254 - Body Percussion Quartet
Minotaurus 4.3 - Marimba
Nächtliche Reise, by/von Cornelius Gurlitt - Marimba Solo up to Percussion Quintet
Onyx (Kaiser) - Vibraphone Solo
Phaikon 493 - Organ and Percussion
Queensland Offshore Railroad - Percussion Quartet
Rock-Duo I - Percussion Duo, Drums and 4 Roto-Toms
Rock-Trio for Drums - Percussion Trio 4 Roto-Toms und 4 Wood-Blocks
SchattenSägenFuge - Piccolo and Field-Drum
Shuffle-Duo - Percussion Duo, Drums and 4 Roto-Toms
Slow Rock-Duo I - Percussion Duo,Drums and 4 Roto-Toms
Slow-Swing for Drums - Percussion Trio 4 Roto-Toms und 4 Wood-Blocks
Southern Pacific Liner - Percussion Quartet
Symplegades for Timpani
The Rocky Mountaineer - Percussion Quartet
Three Caprices Op. 25 by Alfredo Piatti (No.5,10,12) - Marimba
Three Winter Impressions - Marimba Duo
Time Torpedo II - Percussion Duo, two Drum-Sets
Time Torpedo for two Drum-Sets Duo - Percussion Duo, 2 Drum-Sets
Transsiberian Railroad - Percussion Quartet
Union Pacific Liner - Percussion Quartet
Upside Down (Kaiser) - Timpani Solo (2)
Vier kurze Soli für den jungen Schlagzeuger - Drum-Set Solo
Watermusic - Vibraphone (with incidental Percussion)
Western Pacific Liner - Percussion Quartet
Whirlwind I - Drum-Set Solo

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