Chung, Yiu-kwong

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Composer Name


Born: November 16, 1956

Country: Hong Kong, China

Studies: City University of New York (Ph.D.)

Teachers: Robert Starer, David Olan

Works for Percussion

Chariots BalladPercussion Septet; Percussion (7)
Chariots BalladPercussion Ensemble; Solo Percussion; Marimba
Drumming 1Percussion Nonet; Percussion (9)
Drumming II – Percussion Ensemble; Solo Percussion; Multiple Percussion
Drumming IIPercussion Quartet; Percussion (4); Multiple Percussion
Drumming No. 5Percussion Sextet; Percussion (6)
Festive Drumming – Percussion Quartet; Percussion (4)
Ritual Series – Percussion Nonet; Percussion (9)