Aki, Tohru

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Composer Name


Born: July 06, 1956

Country: Japan

Studies: Hokkaido University (1979), Kyoto Municipal University of Arts (1983)

Teachers: Ryôhei Hirose

Born on July 6, 1956 Sapporo, Hokkaido Hokkaido 1979 Faculty of Science Department of Physics graduate Graduated from Hokkaido University, Department of Physics 1983 Kyoto City University of Arts Faculty of Music composer Graduated Graduated from Kyoto Municipal University of Arts, Department of Composition Composition Ryohei Hirose to Mr., and studied with Mr. Akira Fujishima Hisashi, Maeda Morikazu the harmony laws and counterpoint. While new works in every direction as a composer of freelance, working in a wide range of fields including music drama TBS, NTV, and Toei v cinema. Domestic as well as, I Hakusu the popular Paris, Berlin, Manchester, Hamburg, New York, Sao Paulo, Rio etc. also. Tohru AKI studied music composition with Mr. Ryohei Hirose. Also studied harmony and counterpoint with Mr. Masahisa Fujishima and Mr. Shuichi Maeda. Since 1983, he has engaged in various works as a composer and an arranger. His works have been performed in various countries by many Musicians, and Won Popularity in Paris, Berlin, Manchester, Hamburg, New York, San Paulo, Rio, etc. not to Mention p. A member of The Federation Of Composers p INC.[1]

Works for Percussion

Elliptical Illusion - Marimba Duo