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Philip Faini

General Info

Year: 1991
Duration: c. 5:25
Difficulty: (see Ratings for explanation)
Publisher: CPP/Belwin
Cost: Score and Parts - $0.00   |   Score Only - $0.00



Player I: Triangle, xylophone, cowbell
Player II: Bell tree, vibraphone, tom-tom, wood block, maracas
Player III: Marimba, tom-tom
Player IV: Marimba, tom-tom
Player V: Tubular chimes, snare drum, maracas, susp. cymbal, hi-hat
Player VI: Tom-toms(2)
Player VII: Tam tam, bass drum, susp. cymbal
Player VIII: Timpani(4)

Program Notes

dedication: to the Lancaster High School Percussion Ensemble, Bruce Gesken, director

Online Reviews

Phil Faini has been involved with the study and performance of African music for many years. On several occasions he has published percussion ensemble works that are based on African themes and rhythms. Afro-Amero is Faini’s newest work in this style and it is dedicated to the Lancaster High School Percussion Ensemble. The Music is based on a West African chant with two types of traditional rhythms. One is from religious and ceremonial dances and the other is from the Highlife or pop tradition of West Africa. Faini adapts these themes to western percussion instruments such as tom toms, marimbas, bass drum and timpani. The music is written for eight percussionists and all of the required instruments would be available at most College percussion programs. The work begins over a mysterious pedal tone with a light statement of the rhythmic motive followed by a full tutti restatement. This sets up the first statement of the choral-like chant performed on Marimbas. As the piece evolves, a groove develops that features all the Players in a short solo. The chant is transformed over the rhythm and as the Highlife section begins it takes on a Latin-American character. AfroAmero concludes with a full-blown syncopated unison passage. This selection is one of Faini's strongest original compositions based on African themes. The individual parts are relatively easy, but together they create music that is lively and captivating. There are spots that are predictable, but this is characteristic of the style. All in all, college and high school percussion ensembles will find Afro-Amero a welcome addition to any program. - Mark Ford, December 1992[1]



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