African Moods

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Jorg Franke

General Info

Duration: c.
Difficulty: Grade 4+ (see Ratings for explanation)
Publisher: Zimmermann
Cost: Score and Parts - $0.00   |   Score Only - $0.00



Player I: Djembe (sub conga), Marimba
Player II: Double Bell (sub 2 cowbells), Maracas
Player III: Clap, Djembe (sub conga), Shekere
Player IV: Clap, Djembe (sub conga), Tom-Tom
Player V: Clap, Ankle Bells, Tom-Tom
Player VI: Solo Djembe, Bass Drum

Program Notes

he 7 players for which this piece was arranged have to use the following instruments: ganza (shaker), Caxixi, Caixa (snare drum), vibraslap, agogo-bell, reco-reco, cuica, tamborim, repenique 10" or 12" (Tom-Tom), apito (whistle), triangle, surdo 18" or 20" (Tom-Tom or bass drum) and surdo 20" or 22" (bass drum). Tempo can be adapted to the players' skills. The note values and phrasing should be perfomed in a relaxed, easygoing manner, i.e. not mathematically exact in the classic style so as to meet the character of Brazilian music. The piece follows traditional playing models in terms of style which also applies to its three-movement structure (fast / slow, calm / very fast). These alterations in tempo have to be followed in any case. Surdos and repenique play a central part. As its predecessor, African Moods (ZM 32140), this work is also well-suited for percussion ensembles at music schools.[1]


"Samba Batucada" is a percussion ensemble work modeled after the street samba used during the Carnival in Brazil. Unlike the street samba, which uses from 50 to 500 players and lasts for hours, "Samba Batucada" uses six to seven players and has a definite time limit. Its form is fast-slow- very fast. Traditional samba instruments are used: Agogo-bell, apito, caixa, caxixi, cuica, ganza, reco-reco, repenique, surdo, tamborim, tom- tom, triangle, bass drum and vibraslap. If one is familiar with the techniques used on samba instruments, this work will be easy and lots of fun. For those unfamiliar with the techniques, it will be a great learning experience and still be lots of fun. There are many sections for improvisation, and creative staging can enhance the visual aspects of the samba parade. - John Beck[2]



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